Shared decision-making – do we do it?

Numorous campaigns from governments in several countries try to encourage us as physio’s to deliberate with patients about their preferences and choices.

Shared decision-making is something that almost every care provider pursues.
Research tells us so.


Shared decision-making is often not applied.
In fact, very often, the active involvement of the client is not large enough to be able to speak of a ‘shared’ decision. Some studies show sobering numbers in this regard! (Katreine Dierckx et al, 2013)

On the part of us physiotherapists, a lack of time and insufficient skills play a role, I interpret from some studies (Boland, Laura, et al. 2019)(Légaré, France, et al. 2008).

I don’t solve this ‘time’ factor for anyone.
Although, maybe we can do some things more conveniently so that we have some extra time to have that real and valued conversation?
And use tools that have been developed more often?

The skills factor may well be addressed.

Incidentally, in my opinion, communication skills are one of the most underestimated skills of a healthcare provider.
We often think we’re doing just fine, when in fact we’re not that skilled at all.
Confirmation bias plays tricks on us.

Communication skills can be improved very well. Provided we invest enough time in it.

In the end…it is and remains a really complex task to decide together with each client.
But it’s worth it!

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